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The CJD Support Network Committee is made up of individuals with a personal or professional interest in CJD. The Management Committee works to advance the aims of the CJD Support Network, in the interest of our members.

Professor Richard Knight,

Clinical Neurologist at the NCJDRSU in Edinburgh

Anita Tipping,

Registered nurse, RSCN. Son David died of iCJD through growth hormone injections.

Andy Tomaso,

Lost mother Carmelina to genetic CJD in 2007.

Beth Marsh,
National Coordinator

Lost father to sCJD in 2016.

Dr Diane Ritchie,

Researcher at the NCJDRSU in Edinburgh

Professor Simon Mead

Neurologist working at the MRC Prion Unit (UCL), London.

Brian Marsden

Joined the committee after losing his wife to sCJD in 2017.

Dr Kate Dahill

Works as a junior doctor. She lost her aunt to sCJD in 2012.

Margaret Leitch

Former National Care Co-ordinator and Senior Nurse at the NCJDRSU in Edinburgh.

Sean Horstead

HM Area Coroner for Essex. Sean lost his mother Gillian to sCJD in 2020.

Lizzie Hill

PhD student at the  MRC Prion Unit (UCL), London.

Lisa Denton

Works with our treasurer, Andy, and has been supporting the network since 2020.

Annette Beal

Lost her husband to sCJD in May 2017.