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Dry January in memory of Pat

In memory of her good friend Pat Conlon, who passed away from sporadic CJD in November 2012, Phil is taking part in Dry January to raise money (instead of a glass!) for the CJD Support Network.

Fundraising in Pat’s memory began in 2014, when Phil’s late sister Rose set out to raise 1 million pennies (£10,000) as CJD affects around 1 person per million per year. Phil, her sister Mary, their Rose, Pat’s sister Marie and many others have since worked hard to raise a fantastic total of over £14,900 in Pat’s memory.

Click the link HERE to visit Phil’s page and support her, or see how she is getting on with her fundraising. We wish Phil the best of luck for the month, and say a huge THANK YOU to her for supporting our charity.

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