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Infected Blood Inquiry Report – published 20th May 2024

With the publication of the Infected Blood Inquiry (IBI) report this week, the CJD Support Network remembers the three individuals who contracted vCJD through blood transfusion. Nothing can diminish the tragedy of these three events.

We acknowledge that a study was put in place to determine whether blood transmission of vCJD could occur, allowing the earliest possible detection of transfusion disease, and other protective measures were put in place at an early time, preventing further transmissions. We appreciate that actions were taken in the spirit of precaution at a time of great uncertainty as to whether vCJD could be transmitted by transfusion.

Further information on the transmission of vCJD through blood transfusion and the measures taken are included in the full IBI report (click here to access), in volume 5. We find the report to be accessible and well written. We do note that there is an error in the report; they mention four vCJD transfusion related illnesses, however there were in fact three.

Once again, we remember these three individuals and our thoughts are with their families this week, as well as the families of the more than 3,000 others whose deaths are attributable to infected blood, blood products and tissue.

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