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International CJD Awareness Day 2022

As some people will already know, the 12th November 2022 is International CJD Awareness Day, a day when we come together with our friends across the world to raise awareness of CJD.

To mark the day, we will be drawing our 2022 raffle. If you would like to buy tickets, or encourage friends and family to buy tickets and raise awareness in the process, please feel free to follow or share this link:

We will also be hosting a takeover of the Genetic Alliance UK twitter account @GeneticAll_UK, sharing posts throughout the day to raise awareness of CJD to their 15.4k followers. As part of this, we will also be creating content which all are welcome to share via social media to raise awareness. Keep an eye on our website for this!

Finally, we still have awareness raising items available to purchase for just £1 each (plus p&p) including pens, badges and wristbands. These can be worn and used on 12th November 2022, and all year round, to raise awareness at home, work, and school. Please email [email protected] for details of how to buy items.

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