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Sam’s birthday drinks for CJD

Sam Edward’s mum Sarah passed away in 2022, a month after being diagnosed with Sporadic CJD. This year, Sam turns 40 and is using this as an opportunity to not only raise a glass but also funds and awareness for CJD and the support network.

Sam is inviting family and friends to ‘buy him a pint’, a ‘bag of crisps’ or perhaps a ’round’ to help him reach his target of £400.00 to celebrate my 40th, and asking them to share a memory of his mum who Sam says ‘liked a party and was always very keen to host a celebration!’. We are very grateful to Sam for his fundraising and think this is a wonderful idea and such a fantastic tribute to his mum.

Head to Sam’s JustGiving page to read more about his lovely mum, to see how he is doing with reaching his target, and to read the memories that his family and friends share – or perhaps to ‘buy him a pint’!

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